Visit Penistone - the natural centre o the East Peak
Visit Penistone - montage of scenes from the Penistone area

Penistone Boundary Walk

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The Route

Parish boundaries were very important, and marked the limits of land ownership.

Nowadays these can be easily found from maps, but before, it was necessary for everyone to know where these boundaries were in case of dispute.

An annual tradition emerged of ‘Beating the Bounds’ which was linked to the church as a religious ceremony known as ‘Rogationtide’ to pray for good crops throughout the year.

The walk took place five weeks after Easter. So that the boundaries were never forgotten, young boys were beaten or bumped against boundary stones, thrown in brambles or even in the river at set points - these young men were then never likely to forget where the boundary lay!

This walk takes in much of the immediate beautiful landscape around Penistone and a detailed description and narrative can be downloaded from the links on the right.

Details and information

15 miles (as calculated by Google Maps)

Places on the route or nearby:
Cubley, Penistone, Hoylandswaine, Scout Dyke Reservoir, Moor Royd Reservoir, Millhouse Green, Bullhouse, Hartcliffe (and tower).

Facilities: Parking, refreshments and the usual facilities can all be found at cubley Hall.

Links and other info:
Click here for a low-resolution version of the narrative and original leaflet's map.
Click here for a high-resolution version of the narrative and original leaflet's map.

Please note that the orginal leaflet is now out of print although the text and the map in the PDFs is lifted directly from it.