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Advertising on Visit Penistone

Since its launch the Visit Penistone website has seen asteady and healthy increase in popularity.

It's used by people planning a holiday or short stay here (nationally and internationally), people already visiting and locals who regularly check out the events page to see what's on.

If you're a local business you can benefit from the exposure that the site could give whilst helping to promote the region in general - all funds raised from advertising will be reinvested in Visit Penistone and other tourism projects.

Rates are reasonable but space is limited. No more than 3 ads will be allowed on a single page which ensures that the site remains an enjoyable and useful experience for visitors whilst also ensuring that your advertisement will be prominent and won't be lost amongst a host of others.

The Visit Penistone site will also be extensively promoted throughout the region with the aim of maintaining its postition of one of the best local tourism sites in the country whilst also increasing awareness amongst locals.

The recent site redesign means it will be ideal for users of mobile phones and tablets and is the first tourism site in the region developed with this in mind; we've also made sure that advertisers will benefit from this as well. If you view the new pages on a mobile phone or iPad/tablet, rotate it 90° and you'll see how the site now adapts to new screen orientation making it wasier to use.

You can see examples of how resposive design works here (opens in new window). If you're not familiar with how websites can adapt to various devices then this gives you an idea. NB - this only works on PC or laptop.

You can also see a live version of 2 adverts in our example page. The top ad for Cubley Hall is a banner ad, the smaller one for the Old Schoolhouse, Carlecotes is a box ad.

Examples of the advertising spaces available can be seen in the boxes below.

If you'd like to take part in this opportunity to promote your business whilst also helping to promote the local region, please get in touch with us and we'll send you further details.

"What's on" listings remain free - so if you'd like to be included on the Events page, just drop us a line.

All year round...
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Visit Penistone has been successfully promoting the region and its businesses for over 7 years - why not let it do the same for you?

Let us help you...

If you're organising an event - particularly one that will be of interest to vistors to the area - then you can publicise it here FOR FREE. If you'd like to advertise your business more prominently, see the advertising page for more details. Proceeds go towards the upkeep of this site.

All proceeds from advertising go towards sustaining this site and promoting tourism in the Penistone area.